Check Cashing

To register a Check Cashing Service Account with CASH-N-GO, INC. a customer must first supply us with the following information:

  • Last two (2) Checking Account Statements
  • Last two (2) Pay Stubs
  • Maryland Driver’s License or State Identification
  • Proof of Social Security Number
  • Phone Bill going to Address

The posted schedule of Check Cashing fees are prescribed by the State of Maryland as follows:

  • Personal Checks – 10 %
  • State Checks – 2%
  • Federal Checks – 2%
  • Payroll Checks – 4%
  • Insurance Checks – 4%
  • Tax Refund Checks – 4%

Personal Checks are cashed for a 10% fee and are dated for the day they are cashed and stamped for deposit. Post dated checks will not be accepted – NO EXCEPTIONS!  The customer is given a deposit notice receipt that states we will deposit the check cashed in ten (10) days and will give the customer the option to return with the full face value of the check cashed if they wish to cash another personal check before the deposit notice.  If a customers check is deposited into the bank for payment, the customer MUST bring in proof that that check has cleared their bank account before they will be permitted to cash another personal check.

All other checks a customer in good standing cashes may be subject to, but not limited to, further verification of funds and/or personal information.